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This template scans the text supplied at the Published line for any four-digit year, and converts it into a link to "category:YYYY works". The page is simultaneously included in that category. Therefore, works that have a publication date are categorized accordingly.

The template accepts up to six parameters, but only the odd-numbered parameters are scanned for year numbers. Even-numbered parameters are displayed as plain text. Sometimes, there are year numbers in the text that should not be converted into a category link. For these cases, break the text in smaller parts, so that these numbers will fall in a even-numbered parameter.

There are two optional parameters, "no=" for sequential number, and "pg=" for page number(s) in the publication. So a template call like

{{Published|1501|in ''[[Harmonice Musices Odhecaton (Ottaviano Petrucci)|Harmonice Musices Odhecaton]]''|no=A18|pg=6}} will yield:
Published: 1501 in Harmonice Musices Odhecaton, no. A18, p. 6. Notice the lack of periods (.) in the template call; the template will supply one at the end, if either "no" or "pg" are used.

A list of works available on CPDL can be created using the template {{PubList}} on the appropriate publication page. If there is more than one publication cited for any work, then use the template {{MultiPubList}} (which requires that citation of publications on workpages use the template {{Pub}} instead of {{Published}}).


{{Published|<text (scanned)>|<text (displayed as-is)>|<text (scanned)>|<text (displayed as-is)>|<text (scanned)>|<text (displayed as-is)>}}