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{{WikipediaLink|Michael Haydn}}
{{WikipediaLink|Michael Haydn}}
==List of choral works==
==List of choral works==
*{{NoCo|Angelis suis Deus mandavit}}   {{Editions|2}}
*{{NoCo|Caligaverunt oculi mei}}   ( [http://www.solovoces.com/download.php?view.268 {{net}}] )
*{{NoCo|Christus factus est}} {{LLink|Christus_factus_est.pdf|Christus_factus_est.mid}}
*{{NoCo|Crucem sanctam}}   ( [{{website|wimabycomp}}M.Haydn.php {{net}}] )
*{{NoCo|Deutsche Messe}}   {{editions|2}}
*{{NoCo|Deutsche Messe "Hier wirft"}}   ( [http://www.mhoessl.de/html/a_capella.html {{net}}] )
*{{NoCo|Domine Deus}}   ( [{{website|solovoces}} {{net}}] )
*{{NoCo|Eripe me, Domine}}   {{LLinkW|haym-eri.pdf|haym-eri.mid|haym-eri.zip|Encore}}
* {{NoCo|Graduale Domine Dominus}}   ( [http://www.mhoessl.de/html/4-stimmig.html#Orchester {{net}}] )
* {{NoCo|Graduale "Laetatus"}}   ( [http://www.mhoessl.de/html/4-stimmig.html#Orchester {{net}}] )
* {{NoCo|Graduale: "Protector noster"}}   ( [http://www.mhoessl.de/html/4-stimmig.html#Orchester {{net}}] )
*{{NoCo|Heiligste Nacht}}   {{editions|3}}
*{{NoCo|Missa pro defunctis in c}}   [{{website|hoessl-organ}} {{net}}]
*{{NoCo|Missa pro defuncto Archiepiscopo Sigismundo}}   ''single edition in many parts: see score page''
*{{NoCo|Missa Sancti Gabrielis}}   ( [{{website|wimabycomp}}M.Haydn.php {{net}}] )
* {{NoCo|Missa Sti. Gotthardi}}   ( [http://www.mhoessl.de/html/mit_orchester.html {{net}}] )
*{{NoCo|O esca viatorum}}   ( [http://www.iespana.es/ubisunt/partituras/partituras.htm {{net}}] )
*{{NoCo|Offertorium de tempore}}   ''2 editions available (orchestral and organ versions)''
*{{NoCo|Offertorium f.d. Weihnachtsoktav|Offertorium für der Weihnachtsoktav}}   ( [http://www.mhoessl.de/html/4-stimmig.html#Orgel {{net}}] )
*{{NoCo|Salve Regina}}   {{editions|2}}
*{{NoCo|Sancti Dei omnes}}   ( [{{website|cantoral}} {{net}}] )
*{{NoCo|Sumo Dios}}   ( [{{website|cantoral}} {{net}}] )
*{{NoCo|Tenebrae factae sunt}}   {{editions|2}}
*{{NoCo|Timete Dominum}}   ( [{{filepath:MHaydnTD.pdf}} {{pdf}}] [{{filepath:MHaydnTD.mid}} {{mid}}] )
*{{NoCo|Tribulationes cordis mei}}   {{editions|2}}
*{{NoCo|Tristis est anima mea}}   {{editions|2}}

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Aliases: Haydn, Michael


Born: 13 September 1737

Died: 10 August 1806


View the Wikipedia article on Johann Michael Haydn.

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