Virgo decus nemorum

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Latin.png Latin text

Virgo decus nemorum
Geminasque audita per auras
Quaeque sonos ludis
Concava saepe meos
Hic quis clamor [Amor]
Quis natus Virgine magnus [Agnus]
Dic oro curita clamat [Amat]
Est ne torus mollis sibi stravit quem pia mater [Ater]
An est Echo causa tua [Ausa tua]
Hunc quis de caelis duxit [Lis duxit]
At istam dic vincet [Vincet]
Num moriens [Oriens]
Diligere hunc ergo par est
super omnis Christum [istum]
Quid gravius in amore [morae]
De flores [Ores]
Nunc est Deus ille [Heus ille]
An gratum me forereris [Eris]
Ad praesepe iter ergo alacres teneamus [Eamus]
Munera parva feram [Feram]

English.png English translation

Virgin, grace of the forests,
Heard on the twin breezes,
Which oft incline to give ear to
This one, who proclaims aloud: [Love]

He who was born of a Virgin, the Exalted [the Lamb].
Say, please, why cry forth [He loves]
On this soft pillow that Your pious Mother lays out [on the dark night]?
Or is your faint cry occasioned [your daring]
By the one who led from heaven [the revolt*]
Though victory is declared, [will conquer]
Undying, [Arising]!

To love this, the same Christ, above all [to Him.]
What greater burden to love [than to hold back],
Let it blossom [Say now!]

Now here lies the very God [It is He]
Come with me in thanksgiving, grateful [shall you be]
Let us happily make our way towards the manger [let us go]
Small gifts shall I bear [I will bring].

(* a reference to Lucifer’s fall]


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