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Errors found in #16315 "Music, when soft voices die"(Charles Hubert Hastings Parry) edited by John Henry Fowler Revision 3-11-2008:

(General point) There is no time signature at the start, it should be 4/4.
(Unimportant) - Bar 2 last beat tenor part in piano should be a quaver/quater-note, not semi-quaver/eighth-note.
Bar 4 third beat, alto part in piano should be F sharp, not C sharp.
Bar 6 alto part in piano is missing in first two-and-a-half beats.
Bar 6 tenor part in piano, first two bears is incorrect rhythm and C sharp missing.
Bar 6 third beat, soprano part in piano should not be a C sharp, just an A.
Bar 7 first beat, alto/tenor in piano be a C sharp, not B.
Bar 7 second beat, tenor part in piano, E is missing.
Bar 8 end, "pp" signs should be on next line.
Bar 10 first beat bass part in piano first two notes should be E sharp/F sharp, not C sharp/D.
(unimportant) Bar 11 alto part in piano should be a minim/half-note, not a dotted crotchet/quarter-note.
Bar 14 beats three and four, alto part in piano part should be E, then D sharp.
Bar 14 beat 3, bass part in piano should be G sharp minim, not A.
Bar 16 beats 3 and 4, bass part in piano should be B sharp then C sharp, not C sharp then D sharp.
Bar 19 beat 3 second quaver, alto part in piano G sharp is missing.

Neil Hawes
Musical Director, Whitton Choral Society, UK

Neilvh (talk) 10:39, 15 November 2016 (UTC)