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Born: 15 June 1866

Died: 12 July 1926


Wood stu­died or­gan un­der T. O. Marks in Ar­magh (1880-81), and at the Roy­al Coll­ege of Mu­sic (RCM) (1883-87). He taught at the RCM be­gin­ning in 1888, then went on to Sel­wyn Coll­ege in Cam­bridge. He was an Or­gan Schol­ar at Gon­ville and Cai­us Coll­ege (1898-94) (BA & MusB 1890, MA & MusD 1894). He was award­ed an hon­o­ra­ry LLD de­gree at Leeds in 1904, was a un­i­ver­si­ty lec­tur­er on har­mo­ny in 1897, and be­came a Pro­fess­or in 1924. (From Cyber Hymnal)

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List of choral works

Secular works

Anthems and introits

Anthems not yet added

  • I will call upon God
  • In Exitu Israel
  • O King Most High
  • O Thou Sweetest Source
  • Summer ended
  • Sunlight all Golden
  • The Burning Babe
  • Tis the day of Resurrection



Hymn Tunes

  • Branle de l'official
  • Iris
  • Petersen
  • Rangoon


  • Evening Service in A flat (U)
  • Evening Service, Tone IV/I

Other sacred works

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  • The Cow­ley Carol Book, 1901-1919 (co-ed­it­or with George Wood­ward)
  • Songs of Syon, 1904-1910 (co-ed­it­or with George Wood­ward)
  • The Cam­bridge Car­ol Book (co-ed­it­or with George Wood­ward)
  • An Italian Car­ol Book (Lon­don: The Faith Press, Ltd. 1920) (co-ed­it­or with George Wood­ward)
  • Passion Ac­cord­ing to St. Mark, 1921

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