Giovanni de Macque

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Born: c. 1548-50 in Valenciennes

Died: September 1614


Macque's birthplace appears in his motets of 1596 and the date is estimated from his voice breaking by December 1563, when he left the Viennese chapel. He studied with Philippe de Monte and was in Rome by 1574. In 1585 he joined the household of Carlo Gesualdo in Naples and became organist at several churches; his pupils included Giovanni Maria Trabaci, Ascanio Mayone and Luigi Rossi.

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List of choral works

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Primo libro de madrigali, 6vv (Venice, 1576)

  • Madrigali a quattro, a cinque et sei voci, 1579 (4vv missing)
  • Madrigaletti e napolitane, 6vv (Venice, 1581)
  • Secondo libro de madrigaletti et napolitane, 6vv (Venice, 1582)
    • issued jointly with 1581 vol. as Madrigaletti et canzonette napolitane, 6vv (Antwerp, 1600)
  • Madrigali, 5vv (Venice, 1583), lost
  • Primo libro de madrigali, 4vv (Venice, 1586)
  • Secondo libro de madrigali, 5vv (Venice, 1587)
  • Secondo libro de madrigali, 6vv (Venice, 1589, inc.)
  • Motectorum, 5, 6, 8vv, liber primus (Rome, 1596, inc.)
  • Terzo libro de madrigali, 5vv (Ferrara, 1597, inc.)
  • Quarto libro de madrigali, 5vv (Naples, 1599)
  • Terzo libro de madrigali, 4vv (Naples, 1610)
  • Il sesto libro de madrigali a cinque voci, 1613

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