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==Isaac Watts Lyrics List==
<div style="margin: 0 0 1em 0; border: 1px solid #dddddd; padding: .2em .2em .2em .2em; font-size:75%"><center><strong>Abbreviations:</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;'''Bk.''' – Book&nbsp;&nbsp;'''H''' – Hymn, [[Hymns and Spiritual Songs (Isaac Watts)|1707 ff.]]&nbsp;&nbsp;'''HL''' – [[Horae Lyricae (Isaac Watts)|''Horae Lyricae'', 1706 ff.]]&nbsp;&nbsp;'''Ps.''' – ''The Psalms of David...'', 1717 ff.&nbsp;&nbsp;'''Pt.''' – Part&nbsp;&nbsp;'''Song''' – [[Divine and Moral Songs for Children (Isaac Watts)|''Songs for Children'', 1720]]&nbsp;&nbsp;'''st.''' – stanza&nbsp;&nbsp;'''vo.''' – voices</center></div>
==Samuel Babcock==
{{#dpl:category=Samuel Babcock compositions|mode=userformat|namespace=|order=ascending
*''A blooming paradise of joy''  (H.59, Bk.2, st.4)
:[[Mantua (Oliver Holden)|Oliver Holden]] 3 vo. 1800
*''A span is all that we can boast''  (Ps.39, Pt.2, st.2)
:[[Westborough (Daniel Belknap)|Daniel Belknap]] 3 vo. 1802
*''Alas! and did my Savior bleed''  (H.9, Bk.2)
:[[Edington (Stephen Jenks)|Stephen Jenks]] 4 vo. 1803
*''Alas, my aching heart''  (HL.31, Bk.1)
:[[Conviction (Jacob French)|Jacob French]] 4 vo. 1802
*''Alas, the brittle clay''  (Ps.90, Pt.4, st.2)
===William Billings===
:[[Norfolk (Oliver Brownson)|Oliver Brownson]] 4 vo. 1786
:[[Danbury (Joseph Stone)|Joseph Stone]] 4 vo. 1793
:[[Wintonbury (Stephen Jenks)|Stephen Jenks]] 4 vo. 1803
*''Alas, the cruel spear''  (H.84, Bk.2, st.3)
:[[Redemption (Stephen Jenks)|Stephen Jenks]] 4 vo. 1807
*''All ye bright armies of the skies''  (Ps.97, Pt.2, st.2)
:[[Arnheim (Samuel Holyoke)|Samuel Holyoke]] 4 vo. 1819
*''Almighty God! to thee''  (H.38, Bk.3, st.4)
:[[Westford (Samuel Holyoke)|Samuel Holyoke]] 3 vo. 1795
*''Am I a soldier of the cross''  (H.1, Bk.4)
:[[Sutton (Joseph Stone)|Joseph Stone]] 2 vo. 1804
*''Among the princes, earthly gods''  (Ps.86)
:[[Among the princes, earthly gods (James Evison)|James Evison]] 4 vo. 1780
:[[Among the princes, earthly gods (Benjamin Milgrove)|Benjamin Milgrove]] 4 vo. 1795
*''And can this mighty King''  (H.169, Bk.2, st.4)
:[[Loudon (Samuel Holyoke)|Samuel Holyoke]] 4 vo. 1805
:[[Paradise (Ezra Goff)|Ezra Goff]] 4 vo. 1806
*''And must my body faint and die''  (H.28, Bk.2, st.5)
:[[Dissolution (Daniel Belknap)|Daniel Belknap]] 4 vo. 1800
*''And must this body die''  (H.110, Bk.2)
:[[Maryland (William Billings)|William Billings]] 4 vo. 1799
*''Angels are lost in sweet surprise''  (HL.1, Bk.1)
:[[Sweet Surprise (Oliver Holden)|Oliver Holden]] 4 vo. 1800
*''Arise, my gracious God''  (Ps.17, Pt.1)
:[[Pembrook (Daniel Read)|Daniel Read]] 4 vo. 1785
*''Arise, my soul, my joyful powers''  (H.82, Bk.2)
:[[Lincoln (Oliver Holden)|Oliver Holden]] 4 vo. 1792
*''As on some lonely building's top''  (Ps.102, Pt.1, st.4)
:[[Solitude (Walter Janes)|Walter Janes]] 4 vo. 1803
:[[Despair (Walter Janes)|Walter Janes]] 4 vo. 1807
*''At Thy command

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