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[[Category:Music publications]]
[[Category:Music publications]]
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[[Category:Anthem collections]]

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General Information

Description: A series of Motet collections published by Chester Music between 1977 and 1982, comprising:


Book 11977 – The Italian School for Four Voices, Ed. Anthony G. Petti
Book 21977 – The English School for Four Voices, Ed. Anthony G. Petti
Book 31977 – The Spanish School for Four Voices, Ed. Anthony G. Petti
Book 41977 – The German School for Four Voices, Ed. Anthony G. Petti
Book 51977 – The Flemish School for Four Voices, Ed. Anthony G. Petti
Book 61977 – Christmas and Advent Motets for Four Voices, Ed. Anthony G. Petti

Works at CPDL

Book 1 (1977)

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Book 2 (1977)

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Book 3 (1977)

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Book 4 (1977)

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Book 5 (1977)

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Book 6 (1977)

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List of Works

Bk. No. Title Composer Usage
1 1 Christus factus est Felice Anerio Lent; Passiontide; General
1 2 Requiem Aeternam Giovanni Francesco Anerio All Souls; Funerals
1 3 O sacrum convivium a 4 Giovanni Croce Corpus Christi; Communion except in Lent
1 4 In monte Oliveti Marco Antonio Ingegneri Lent; Passiontide
1 5 O Rex gloriae Luca Marenzio Ascension
1 6 Tribus miraculis Luca Marenzio Epiphany to Septuagesima
1 7 Alma Redemptoris Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Advent to Purification
1 8 Ego sum panis a 4 Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Corpus Christi; Communion
1 9 Sicut cervus Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Holy Saturday; Communion; General
1 10 Super Flumina Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina 20th Sunday after Pentecost; Lent
1 11 Regina caeli Francesco Soriano Easter
1 12 Exultate justi Ludovico da Viadana General
2 1 Ave verum corpus William Byrd Corpus Christi; Communion; General
2 2 Cibavit eos William Byrd Corpus Christi; Communion; General
2 3 Senex puerum portabat a 4 William Byrd Purification
2 4 Ab ortu solis - Venite comedite William Byrd Corpus Christi; Communion; General
2 5 Dum Transisset Robert Johnson Easter
2 6 Agnus Dei Thomas Morley General
2 7 In Manus Tuas John Sheppard Compline; General
2 8 Euge caeli porta Thomas Tallis Feasts of the Blessed Virgin
2 9 Sancte Deus Thomas Tallis Feasts of Our Lord; Lent; Passiontide; Funerals
2 10 Alleluia John Taverner Easter; General excluding Lent
2 11 Audivi John Taverner All Saints; Advent
2 12 Gloria laus Christopher Tye Palm Sunday; Passiontide; Christ the King
3 1 Ego sum panis vivus Juan Esquivel Corpus Christi; Communion
3 2 Canite tuba Francisco Guerrero Advent
3 3 Gloriose Confessor Francisco Guerrero St Dominic; Confessors
3 4 Peccantem me quotidie Cristóbal de Morales All Souls; Funerals; Lent
3 5 Regina coeli a 4 Cristóbal de Morales Easter; Blessed Virgin
3 6 Simile est regnum coelorum Cristóbal de Morales Septuagesima; General
3 7 Janitor coeli Diego Ortiz St Peter and Paul
3 8 Anima Mea Martin de Rivafrecha Blessed Virgin
3 9 Ave Maria Tomás Luis de Victoria Blessed Virgin; Advent; Annunciation
3 10 O magnum mysterium Tomás Luis de Victoria Christmas to Epiphany
3 11 O Vos Omnes Tomás Luis de Victoria Holy Week; Lent
3 12 Pueri Hebraeorum Tomás Luis de Victoria Palm Sunday
4 1 Factus est repente Gregor Aichinger Pentecost; Votive Mass; Holy Spirit; Confirmation
4 2 Regina coeli a 4 Gregor Aichinger Easter; Blessed Virgin
4 3 Ecce concipies Jacob Handl Advent
4 4 Ecce quomodo moritur justus Jacob Handl Passiontide; Lent
4 5 Resonet in laudibus Jacob Handl Christmas
4 6 Cantate Domino a 4 Hans Leo Hassler Christmas; General
4 7 Laetentur coeli Hans Leo Hassler Christmas
4 8 Tu es Petrus Hans Leo Hassler St Peter and Paul; General
4 9 Puer Natus Michael Praetorius Christmas
4 10 Salve Rex Noster Michael Praetorius General
4 11 Deus in Adjutorium Ludwig Senfl General
4 12 Verbum caro factum est Johann Walter Christmas; General
5 1 Haec dies Jacques Arcadelt Easter
5 2 Crux fidelis Jacobus Clemens non Papa Lent; Passiontide; Feasts of the Cross
5 3 Gustate et videte Heinrich Isaac Communion; General
5 4 Jerusalem surge Heinrich Isaac Advent
5 5 Ave Maria Josquin des Prez Blessed Virgin; Advent; Annunciation
5 6 Tu solus qui facis mirabilia Josquin des Prez Christ; Passiontide; General
5 7 Improperium Orlando di Lasso Passiontide; Lent
5 8 Jubilate Deo a 4 Orlando di Lasso Christmas; Epiphany; General
5 9 Scio enim quod Redemptor Orlando di Lasso Funerals; Easter; General
5 10 O Quam Gloriosum Jacobus Vaet All Saints; General
5 11 O magnum mysterium Adrian Willaert Christmas; Epiphany
6 1 O magnum mysterium - Beata Virgo William Byrd Christmas; Circumcision
6 2 Magi veniunt ab oriente Jacobus Clemens non Papa Epiphany
6 3 Verbum caro Loyset Compère Christmas; General
6 4 Rorate caeli Francisco Guerrero Advent
6 5 Dixit Maria Hans Leo Hassler Annunciation; Advent
6 6 Ecce virgo concipiet Heinrich Isaac Advent
6 7 Hodie Christus natus est Luca Marenzio Christmas
6 8 Dies Sanctificatus Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Christmas
6 9 Omnis mundus jocundetur Michael Praetorius Christmas
6 10 Prope est Dominus Jacob Regnart Advent
6 11 Ave gratia plena Cornelius Verdonck Blessed Virgin; Advent; Annunciation
6 12 Ne timeas Maria Tomás Luis de Victoria Advent; Annunciation