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<includeonly>{{#ifexpr:{{{1|}}}<20|{{#switch:{{{1|}}}|1='''First'''|2=&nbsp; '''2nd'''|3=&nbsp; '''3rd'''|&nbsp; '''{{{1|}}}th'''}}<!--
<includeonly>{{#ifexpr:{{{1|}}}<26|{{#switch:{{{1|}}}|1='''First'''|2=&nbsp; '''2nd'''|3=&nbsp; '''3rd'''|&nbsp; '''{{{1|}}}th'''}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{2|}}}|&nbsp;'''published:''' {{#multireplace:{{{2|}}}| /^(\d\d\d\d)/={{Cat|$1 works|$1}}}}{{#if:{{{3|}}}|&nbsp;<!--
-->{{#if:{{{2|}}}|&nbsp;'''published:''' {{#multireplace:{{{2|}}}| /^(\d\d\d\d)/={{Cat|$1 works|$1}}}}{{#if:{{{3|}}}|&nbsp;<!--
-->{{{3|}}}}}}}{{#if:{{{no|}}}|, no. {{#ifeq:{{#sub:{{{no|}}}|-1}}|.|{{#sub:{{{no|}}}|0|{{#expr:{{#len:{{{no|}}}}}-1}}}}|{{{no|}}}}}}}<!--
-->{{{3|}}}}}}}{{#if:{{{no|}}}|, no. {{#ifeq:{{#sub:{{{no|}}}|-1}}|.|{{#sub:{{{no|}}}|0|{{#expr:{{#len:{{{no|}}}}}-1}}}}|{{{no|}}}}}}}<!--

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This template is to be used for a publication of a work. This template is to be used if any of its works have more than one publication cited. This template, {{Pub}} is used in conjunction with {{MultiPubList}}. If none of the works have more than one citation, then use template {{Published}} on the work pages and {{PubList}} on the publication page.


  1. {{Pub|L|YYYY|in {{NoComp|<Publication>|<Composer>}}}}
  2. {{Pub|L|YYYY|in {{NoComp|<Publication>|<Composer>}}, no. N, p. P}} (no sequence or page numbers appear in {{MultiPubList}})
  3. {{Pub|L|YYYY|in {{NoComp|<Publication>|<Composer>}}|no=N|pg=P}} (if you wish sequence or page numbers to appear in {{MultiPubList}})


1. Single-digit number, order of publication: 1 for first publication, 2 for second, etc. (mandatory)
2. Four-digit year of publication (mandatory)
3. Name and details of publication
4. |no= Sequence of work in publication (optional)
5. |pg= Page number of work in publication (optional)

Parameter 1 should contain only a single-digit integer number. Parameter 2 should contain only a integer number, usually four digits, the year of publication. Parameter 3 should contain a link to a publication page to which this work is linked. The link should use the template {{NoComp}}, for example {{NoComp|Music in Miniature|William Billings}}. Optionally, the sequence number or page in that publication can be specified; if you intend for these parameters (sequence or page number) to appear in the table generated by the template {{MultiPubList}}, they should be declared as parameters, as in Syntax 3 above.

{{Pub|1|1770|in ''{{NoComp|The New-England Psalm-Singer|William Billings}}''}} yields

First published: 1770 in The New-England Psalm-Singer.

{{Pub|2|1779|in ''{{NoComp|Music in Miniature|William Billings}}'', no. 22, p. 32}} yields

2nd published: 1779 in Music in Miniature, no. 22, p. 32.

{{Pub|1|1770|in ''{{NoComp|The New-England Psalm-Singer|William Billings}}''|no=118|pg=90}} yields

First published: 1770 in The New-England Psalm-Singer, no. 118, p. 90.