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On an individual work page, only the icons shown on that page are displayed in the legend. All the possible icons are shown in the table to the right. To display the legend on a work page (not a composer page), add {{#Legend:}} on a line just below ==Music Files==. Please do not use {{Legend}} by itself – it produces a blank legend.

No. Template
& Code
Icon Label Score
1 Pdf Icon_pdf.gif Pdf Internal
2 Mid Icon_snd.gif Midi Internal
3 Mp3 Icon_mp3.gif Mp3 Internal
4 XML MusicXML.png MusicXML Internal
5 F14 Finale_2014_icon.png Finale 2014 Internal
6 F15 Finale_2014_5_icon.png Finale 2015 Internal
7 Mus Finale.png Finale Internal
8 Sib Sibelius.png Sibelius Internal
9 Cap Capella.png Capella Internal
10 Capx Logo_capella-software_kurz_2011_16x16.png Capella Internal
11 Enc Encore_Icon2.png Encore Internal
12 Ly Icon_ly.gif LilyPond Internal
13 MUP MUP_file_icon.png MUP Internal
14 Muse MuScor.png MuseScore Internal
15 Myr Myr.png Myriad Internal
16 NWC Nwc.png Noteworthy Internal
17 Per Personal_Composer_icon.png Personal Composer Internal
18 Zip Icon_zip.gif Zip file Internal
19 Broken Broken.gif Broken link Other
20 Error Error.gif Score Error Other
21 Net Network.png Web Page External
22 Extenc Encore_globe.png Encore External
23 IMSLP link=imslp:{{{1}}} IMSLP links External
24 Extly Icon_ly_ext.png LilyPond External
25 Extmid Icon_snd_globe.gif Midi External
26 Extmp3 Icon_mp3_globe.gif Mp3 External
27 Extnwc Nwc_globe.png Noteworthy External
28 Extpdf Icon_pdf_globe.gif Pdf External
29 Extper Personal_Composer_globe.png Personal Composer External
30 Extzip Icon_zip_globe.gif Zip file External
31 Extcap Capella_globe.png Capella External
32 Extfin Finale_globe.png Finale External
33 Extsib Sib_globe.png Sibelius External
34 Extmup MUP External For future expansion
35 Extmuse MuseScore External For future expansion
36 Extmyr Myriad External For future expansion
37 Extxml XML_globe.png XML External

1. Basic Files

  • Icon pdf.gif – Icon is automatically inserted when pdf file is uploaded into AddWorks form. The primary format for music scores. See this to download reader
  • Icon snd.gif – Icon is automatically inserted when midi file is uploaded into AddWorks form.
  • Icon mp3.gif – Icon is automatically inserted when mp3 file is uploaded into AddWorks form.

2. Music Notation Files

  • MusicXML.png – mxl (zipped xml), not automatically inserted; also used for XML files. See Explanation
  • Finale.png  Finale 2014 icon.png  Finale 2014 5 icon.png – Finale notation (Finale 2012 or before, Finale 2014, Finale 2014.5 and after)
  • Sibelius.png – Sibelius notation
  • Logo capella-software kurz 2011 16x16.png – Capella-x notation (older Capella files use Capella.png)
  • Encore Icon2.png – Encore notation
  • MUP file icon.png – MuP notation
  • MuScor.png – MuseScore notation
  • Myr.png – Myriad notation (Harmony Assistant/Melody Assistant)
  • Nwc.png – NoteWorthy Composer notation
  • Icon ly.gif – LilyPond notation
  • Program – other notation

3. External Links

  • Network.png – External Site; see disclaimer
  • Icon pdf globe.gif – External pdf
  • Icon snd globe.gif – External midi
  • Icon mp3 globe.gif – External mp3
  • Icon ly ext.png – External LilyPond
  • Encore globe.png – External Encore
  • Nwc globe.png – External NoteWorthy Composer
  • Capella globe.png – External Capella
  • Sib globe.png – External Sibelius
  • XML globe.png – External XML

4. Miscellaneous

  • Error.gif – Score Error, see this help page
  • Broken.gif – Broken Link
  • File details.gif – File details (internal files): history, size, pages that link to the file
  • Question.gif – Help