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{{Mergeto|Te Deum (Short Service) (Orlando Gibbons)}}
#Redirect[[Te Deum (Short Service) (Orlando Gibbons)]]
==Music files==
*{{PostedDate|2019-04-24}} {{CPDLno|54045}} [[Media:Te_Deum_Short_(Gibbons)_Latin.pdf|{{pdf}}]]
{{Editor|Simon Biazeck|2019-04-24}}{{ScoreInfo|A4|12|195}}{{Copy|CPDL}}
:'''Edition notes:''' {{Cat|Works in Latin|Latin version}} of the well-known English setting of the Te Deum from the Short Service set. Transposed a minor third higher in A-flat.
==General Information==
'''Title:''' ''Te Deum (Short Service) Latin''<br>
{{Composer|Orlando Gibbons}}
{{Lyricist|Simon Biazeck}}
{{Genre|Sacred|Liturgical music}}
{{Instruments|A cappella}}
'''External websites:'''
==Original text and translations==
{{LinkText|Te Deum}}
[[Category:Sheet music]]
[[Category:Renaissance music]]

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