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{{Request|Christe Redemptor|Adrian|Willaert|2008-08-26|Requested|
Fill in the score title you are requesting, the composer's given name, the composer's surname.  Also provide the date information in yyyy, mm, dd format as indicated, also provide your LoginID.  Add any comments in the field provided.  But do not change the status=Requested field, which is reserved for later use. 
|requesternotes=I believe this is for 4vv
|         score title=Christe Redemptor
| composer given name=Adrian
|   composer surname=Willaert
|               yyyy=2008
|                 mm=08
|                 dd=26
| requestor's LoginID=[[user:vaarky|vaarky]]
|           comments=I believe this is for 4vv
|              status=Requested

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Title: Christe Redemptor

Composer: Adrian Willaert

Date of request: 2008-08-26

Requested by: vaarky

Additional notes: I believe this is for 4vv

Status: Requested