Request:Ave Maria (Giulio Caccini)

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Title: Ave Maria

Composer: Giulio Caccini

Date of request: 2003-08-17

Requested by: Justin Wisness

Additional notes: Simple, but so so so beautiful. Has a soprano solo.

Editor note: also requested on 12.12.2003 by theo van Dijk: I really would like a composition of the Ave M, with solo and 4 or 5 voices. I've heard it many times, but no one has a score. Maybe you can realize this. I have a acapella choir and would like to perform this song next year with our 5 years existence. Regards, Theo.

Status: Completed

Date completed: 2008-07-11

Volunteer: Pierre Gouin

Location of requested score: Ave Maria (Vladimir Vavilov)