Johannes Lupi

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Aliases: Leleu, Jehan; Leleu, Jennot, Joannes


Born: c1506

Died: 20 Dec 1539, Cambrai


View the Wikipedia article on Johannes Lupi.

List of choral works


  • Missa Mijn vriendinne a 4v, also called Missa Plus oultre
  • Missa Philomena praevia a 4v, super Jean Richafort motet


15 of Lupi's motets appeared in a 1542 print by Attaignant, the rest in collections or mss.

Title Voices Feast pub. Comments
Ad nutum Domini 6v Holy Name of BVM 1542
Adoremus regem magnum 5v St. Stephen 3 Aug. 15384
Alleluya Ego dormivi 5v Easter Sunday 15395
Angelus Domini apparuit Zachariae 5v Gabriel the Archangel,
John the Baptist
1542 attrib. Jacquet de Berchem)
Apparens Christus post passionem 5v Ascension 1555<suo10
Ave verbum incarnatum 6 SAATBB de Sacramentum 15355
Beata es Maria 5v Marian feasts 15467
Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel 4v Trinity,
Sacred Heart
Domine quis habitabit 4v Psalm 14 153911
Dum fabricator mundi 5v Good Friday 15453 Doubtful; attrib. Lupi and in one source Franciscus Lupino
Expurgate vetus fermentum 5v Easter Friday 15558 attrib. Gombert and Jacquet de Berchem
Ergone conticuit (see below)
Felix namque es 5v Marian feasts 1542
Gaude proles speciosa 5v Marian feasts 15382
Gaude tu baptista Christi 5v John the Baptist ms
Gregem tuum, O pastor 5v Saint? 1542
Hodie Christus natus est 5v Christmas Day 15433 attrib. Consilium
Isti sunt viri sancti 5v Common of Apostles 1542
Nisi Dominus aedificaverit 4v Psalm 126 15536
Nos autem gloriari oportet 5v Holy Cross ms
O florens rosa 6v Marian feasts 1542
Pastores loquebantur ad invicem 5v Midnight Mass 15502 doubtful attrib. Lupi
Pontificum sublime decus 5v Common of Bishops? 15382 attrib. Lupus Hellinck
Quam pulchra es et quam decora 4v 1542 attrib. Verdelot
Quem terra pontus/Ave maris stella/O quam glorifica 6v Marian feasts ms
Quem vidistis pastores dicite 5 v Christmas Day 1543
Quem vidistis pastores 4 v Midnight Mass ms doubtful attrib. Johannes Lupi in index only
Salve celeberrima virgo 8v Marian 1542
Sancta Dei genitrix 5v Assumption 15384
Sancte Marce evangelista
[related to Vidi speciosam sicut columbam]
5v attrib. Johannes Lupi
Spes salutis pacis portus 4v Marian feasts 1542
Stella maris luminosa 5v
Stirps Jesse virgam 5v Marian feasts 1542
Surge propera amica mea 4v 15633
Te Deum laudamus 4v Thanksgiving ms
Tu Deus noster 5v penitence? 1542
Veni electa mea 4v Common of Virgins ms
Vidi speciosam sicut columbam 5v Assumption 1542
Virginibus sacris fit vox 5v St. Ursula 155314
Virgo clemens et benigna 6v Marian feasts 1542


Works Likely to Have Been Misattributed

  • Christus factus est a 5v; attrib. Lupi or Crecquillon
  • Dum fabricator mundi a 5v, Franciscus Lupino in 2 voices, Lupi in others]]
  • Ergo ne conticuit a 4 v; attrib. Lupi or possibly Lupus Hellinck
  • Pastores loquebantur ad invicem a 5v, attrib. Lupi
  • Quam pulchra es et quam decora a 4 v, attrib. Lupi or Mouton
  • Quem vidistis pastores a 4 v, attrib. Johannes Lupi
  • Quis est iste qui progreditur a 5v; attrib. Lupi or Sermisy
  • Dueil double dueil a 4 v, attrib. Lupi or Hesdin
  • Je suys desheritee a 4 v, attrib. "Lupus" (Lupus Hellinck) or Cadeac
  • Malgr\xe9 moy suis en prison a 4 v, attrib. "Johannes Lupus"
  • Ma pouvre bource a mal au cueur a 4 v, attrib. Lupi or Beaumont
  • Pluschen van Brusel hestoy gheset a 4 v, attrib. Lupi
  • Plus oultre j'ay voulu marcher a 4 v, attrib. Lupi (unrelated to Lupi mass with same title)
  • Se je suis en tristesse a 6v, B iii; attrib. "Lupy"

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