Jacob Regnart

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Aliases: Regnard


Born: c.1540

Died: 16 October 1599

Biography Regnart's birthdate can be guessed from his statement that he served the Habsburgs from 1557, presumably at the Prague court cappella directed by Jacobus Vaet. 1568-1570 were spent studying in Italy, after which he returned to Vienna. On the death of Maximilian in 1576 he joined the court of Emperor Rudolf II at Prague, and in 1582 he moved to Innsbruck to succeed Alexander Utendal as vice-cappelmeister at Archduke Ferdinand's court. A year after the latter's death in 1595 he returned to Prague as vice-kapellmeister under Philippe de Monte.

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      • Kurtzweilige Teutsche Lieder mit dreyen Stimmen nach Art der Neapolitanen oder Welschen Villanellen (1576-1579)
      • This was reprinted in Publikation Älter praktischer und theoretischer Musik-Werke (n° 19) in 1895 by Robert Eitner, who notices several different cases of Quintenfortschreitungen (parallel fifths).

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