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'''Lyricist: ''' [[Jacopo Sannazaro]]
'''Lyricist: ''' [[Jacopo Sannazaro]]
==Settings by composers==
==Settings by composers==
*[[Interdette speranze e van desio (Luca Marenzio)|Luca Marenzio]] SssATTB (1st 4 lines only)
*[[Interdette speranze e van desio (Luca Marenzio)|Luca Marenzio]] SSATTB (1st 4 lines only)

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General information

Lyricist: Jacopo Sannazaro

Settings by composers


Texts and Translations

Italian.png Italian text

Interdette speranze e van desio
Pensier fallaci, ingorde e cieche voglie,
Lagrime triste e voi, sospiri e doglie
Date omai pace al lasso viver mio.

English.png English translation

Forbidden hopes and vain desires,
deceitful thought, trifling and avid appetites,
unhappy tears and you, longings and afflictions,
put an end to my weary life.

(Translation from a post by user "Daisy" on Thomas Ligotti Online, Early Music Thread)

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