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Born: 7 July 1955, Groningen, the Netherlands.


In 1979, during his studies in musicology at the University of Utrecht, a number of Huub de Lange's songs were recorded by The Mo, a popgroup that he had founded earlier that year together with his brother Clemens. Bass and piano were played by Clemens, while Huub played organ and bassoon. The demo of the music, with fellow-musicians Heili Helder (vocals) and Harm Bieger (drums), caught the attention of the Dutch record company Phonogram. An album, simply called 'MO', was released in Autumn 1980 and surprisingly reached the top 10 of the Dutch album-charts a few month later.
The song 'Fred Astaire' was released as a single and reached the single-charts in the beginning of 1981. [1]
Fred Astaire himself reacted in a positive way to 'Fred Astaire'. [2]

May 1981 Huub left the band. Several years followed of ‘all kinds of everything’ including studies in Drama at the University of Amsterdam, that he completed in 1985. In 1995 there was the release of a CD called 'Life and Death in a Street-organ' containing twelve short compositions that he wrote for the combination of a traditional Dutch street-organ ('De Zuiderzee') and live played strings (by Albert van Eeghen/violin, Caroline Dubbeld/cello and Kees van der Heide/double bass).[3]

Nowadays he lives in Vinkeveen, a village between Amsterdam and Utrecht. His recent choral compositions have been written for mixed choir, both a cappella and to the accompaniment of piano, organ or orchestra.


Huub de Lange is member of the Dutch music rights organisation BUMA/STEMRA (Hoofddorp, The Netherlands), IP base number I-001175255-7. All public performances should be notified in the correct way.

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