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Hello all,

We have added a link for monthly scores (click here for February). The poll of the day:

Should the monthly score list be in chronological or reverse chronological order?

(To add a vote, log in, then click on the edit tab next to your vote. Then add a comment!)

Reverse Chronological

As you go down the screen - top to bottom - it should go from most recent to less recent. The likelyhood of finding something you know was recently done is best aided by having the most recent at the very top.

Isn't this how most people file things anyway? Most recent at the top of the heap? -Brad

That's how I prefer to do it - Carl

This is the best way... so you don´t have to scroll down to find new scores and see the "old" ones every time you check... Lorena


I am not sure(that's why I made the poll ;) Admin 19:33, 17 February 2006 (PST)