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:4. [[Si bona suscepimus (Pierre de Manchicourt)]]
:4. [[Si bona suscepimus (Pierre de Manchicourt)]]
:5. [[O crux splendidior (Pierre de Manchicourt)]]
:5. [[O crux splendidior (Pierre de Manchicourt)]]
:6. [[Congratulamini mihi (2nd setting) (Pierre de Manchicourt)]]
:6. [[Congratulamini mihi II (1554) (Pierre de Manchicourt)]]
:7. [[Puer qui natus est (Pierre de Manchicourt)]]
:7. [[Puer qui natus est (Pierre de Manchicourt)]]

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General description

Title: LIBER QUINTUS CAN- / TIONUM SACRARUM VULGO / MOTETA VOCANT, QUINQUE ET SEX VOCUM A D. / Magistro Petro Manchicurtio Betunio insignis ecclesie Thornacensis Pho- / nasco nunc primum in lucem editus.

Publication date and place: 1554 Louvain: Pierre Phalèse [RISM A/I M272]. Reprinted in 1558 [M273] and 1560 [M274].

Description: 14 motets by Pierre de Manchicourt for 5–6vv, published during the composer’s tenure at Tournai Cathedral.

List of works

Quinque vocum

1. O decus, o patrie lux (Pierre de Manchicourt)
2. In omnibus requiem (Pierre de Manchicourt)
3. Exaudiat te Dominus (Pierre de Manchicourt)
4. Si bona suscepimus (Pierre de Manchicourt)
5. O crux splendidior (Pierre de Manchicourt)
6. Congratulamini mihi II (1554) (Pierre de Manchicourt)
7. Puer qui natus est (Pierre de Manchicourt)
8. O crux viride lignum (Pierre de Manchicourt)
9. Emendemus in melius (Pierre de Manchicourt)

Sex vocum

10. Audivi vocem de caelo (Pierre de Manchicourt)
11. Tota pulchra es amica mea (Pierre de Manchicourt)
12. Osculetur me osculo oris sui (Pierre de Manchicourt)
13. Quae est ista que ascendit (Pierre de Manchicourt)
14. Illuminare, Jerusalem (Pierre de Manchicourt)

Works at CPDL

No. Title Year Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
5 O crux splendidior 1554 Sacred Motets 5 SSATB
10 Audivi vocem de caelo 1554 Sacred Motets 6 SAATTB

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