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*[[Chi la gagliarda (Baldassare Donato)|''Chi la gagliarda'']]   ''5 editions available''
*{{NoComp|Chi la gagliarda|Baldassare Donato}}   {{Editions|5}}
*[[Emendemus in melius (Baldassare Donato)|''Emendemus in melius'']]   ( [{{SERVER}}/wiki/images/3/3b/Donato_B-Emendemus_in_melius.pdf {{pdf}}] [{{SERVER}}/wiki/images/2/23/Donato_B-Emendemus_in_melius.mid {{mid}}] [{{SERVER}}/wiki/images/2/24/Donato_B-Emendemus_in_melius.mus Finale 2004] )
*{{NoComp|Emendemus in melius|Baldassare Donato}}   ( [{{filepath:Donato B-Emendemus in melius.pdf}} {{pdf}}] [{{filepath:Donato B-Emendemus in melius.mid}} {{mid}}] [[Media:Donato B-Emendemus in melius.mus|Finale 2004]] )
*''[[Hei mihi! Domine (Baldasare Donato)|Hei mihi! Domine]]''   ( [http://cpdl.org/wiki/images/1/1d/Hmdmjg.pdf {{pdf}}] [http://cpdl.org/wiki/images/4/4d/Hmdmjg.mid {{mid}}] )
*{{NoComp|Hei mihi, Domine|Baldassare Donato}}   {{Editions|2}}
*[[O dolce vita mia, non mi far guerra (Baldassare Donato)|''O dolce vita mia, non mi far guerra'']]   ( [{{SERVER}}/wiki/images/sheet/dona-odo.pdf {{pdf}}] [{{SERVER}}/wiki/images/sound/dona-odo.mid {{mid}}] [{{SERVER}}/wiki/images/source/dona-odo.mus Finale 2003] )
*{{NoComp|O dolce vita mia, non mi far guerra|Baldassare Donato}}{{LLinkW|dona-odo.pdf|dona-odo.mid|dona-odo.mus|Finale 2003}}
*[[Occhi lucenti assai piú che le stelle (Baldassare Donato)|''Occhi lucenti assai piú che le stelle'']]   ( [http://www.cipoo.net/music_a.html {{net}}] )
*{{NoComp|Occhi lucenti assai piú che le stelle|Baldassare Donato}}   ( [{{Website|cipoo_a}} {{net}}] )
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''add web links here''  
''add web links here''  
[[Category:1527 births|Donato, Baldassare]]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Donato, Baldassare}}
[[Category:1603 deaths|Donato, Baldassare]]
[[Category:1527 births]]
[[Category:Composers|Donato, Baldassare]]
[[Category:1603 deaths]]
[[Category:Renaissance composers|Donato, Baldassare]]
[[Category:Italian composers|Donato, Baldassare]]
[[Category:Renaissance composers]]
[[Category:Italian composers]]

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Born: c. 1527

Died: 1603


View the Wikipedia article on Baldassare Donato.

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