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Hi there, welcome to CPDL! Thanks for the corrections to the text of Riu riu chiu and for adding a link to the Esperanto translation. I had a look at it and noticed that you used the English syllable division rules for Esperanto also. Is that the standard? I'm not very used with Esperanto, but expected its syllable division to be similar to Romance languages (conf. what is said in the item 7.a of this book). So, in the first two lines, for example, the text would appear as "ri-u ri-u chi-u gar-du ri-ver-li-mon / Di' el lu-po gar-dis ni-an sxa-fi-di-non". Regards, —Carlos (talk) 19:57, 7 January 2013 (UTC)


Thank you for your comments about Riu Riu Chiu. About syllable division, my understanding is that there are no hard and fast rules about that in Esperanto. Zamenhof himself so stated in item #66 in his book "Lingvaj Respondoj". So in my case, especially when doing song lyrics, I try to divide words where Esperanto suffixes begin. (This also serves an instructive purpose, because the basis of Esperanto is its combination of root words with suffixes and prefixes.) Thus, root word "gard" + imperative verb form "u" = gard-u. Likewise gard+ past tense "is" = gard-is. And "shaf" sheep + "id" offspring + "in" female + "o" noun + "n" accusative case, still one syllable, "on". So, shaf-id-in-on. But this doesn't always work; the root "patr" is parent, "patro", male parent; "patrino", female parent. In verse 6, I divided those as pa-tron and pa-trin-on, not patr-on etc. Esperanto41 (talk) 22:28, 8 January 2013 (UTC)