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Editor name

(copied here from Youtube)

Ciao! I believe you are the same "alqasar" that contributes to
I was correcting a few things in your releases there, and noticed that you didn't put your complete name in the "Editor" field, as is required. Please inform me your whole name so that I may do it for you.
Grazie! --CarlosTalk 30 May 2008

Hi, Sorry, I didn't understand where I have to put my complete name.
In my User Profile, my whole name is already there, (maybe someone has put it for me?). By the way, my whole name is Filippo Simone Lo Castro.
There is a problem that I still haven't solved: years ago I sent scores to the old CPDL site (to Rafael Ornes), so my old contributions appear now as edited by "Filippo Lo Castro". When CPDL was changed into a wiki site I created a new account with the nickname of alqasar and I sent new scores. Does it exist a way to unify these two accounts?
Thank you! --Alqasar 08 Jun 2008
Hi Filippo!
Yes, there is a way of unifying your contributions, I only need to know if you prefer your complete name "Filippo Simone Lo Castro" or the one already in use at CPDL, ""Filippo Lo Castro". You may write me directly to if you prefer so.
Thanks! --CarlosTalk 08 Jun 2008
Olá, você pode usar o meu nome completo "Filippo Simone Lo Castro" dado que também aparece em outros sites.
Muito obrigado por tudo! --Alqasar 08 Jun 2008
Hi Filippo, I have now finished associating your old contributions with your new account. In your new contributions remember to fill in the "Editor" field with your real name, not the username "Alqasar". Regards! CarlosTalk 08:00, 11 June 2008 (PDT)