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Parry did nor provide a metronome mark. Throughout, the refrain should read E-leu-lo-ro (Parry reads this as one word, but other versions give 2 separate words: Eleu loro) - anyway, certainly not Ellen loro! In bar 17 the 2 bass notes should be Bbs and the quaver Ab at the end of the bar should be in the LH. There are numerous alterations in the distribution of semiquavers between the hands. Bar 22, cresc hairpin missing in voice from 'Cool' to 'laving'. In bar 24 the stems go the wrong way in the voice part, making it unclear which notes are the ossia (they are Eb, C, F, F). In bar 47 there should be an accent on the Cb. The piano part in bar 61 is all out of kilter: all the semiquavers belong in the LH which should then play a quaver Bb on beat 3 and then a dotted crotchet Bb and Ab one quaver later. RMD 21:20, 6 September 2010 (UTC)