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These comments are with reference to the Nunc Dimittis edition (no underlay) on the Josquin research project website. This edition is at at the time of writing. Bar numbers are currently consistent between editions. Four beats per bar are assumed. Note values below are the modern halved ones in Claudio's edition.

Part Bar Beats Comment
Tenor 43 3-4 Replace minim C with minim A (minor third lower)
Alto 54 1-4 Replace semibreve C with minim C, minim D
Alto 57 1-4 Replace semibreve rest with semibreve E tied to the previous bar.
Alto 67 1-3 Rhythm should be crotchet, dotted-crotchet, quaver rather than dotted-crotchet, crotchet quaver.
Alto 112 3-4 Tie minim F to first minim F of next bar. Then move underlay 'cun-dum ver-bum' one note to the right so '-bum' occurs under low A minim - this note currently has no syllable
Tenor 114 3-4 replace minim C beats 3-4 with minim B a semitone lower

Burtm (talk) 19:39, 15 July 2015 (UTC)


Bar 20: Soprano - nel for ne
Jamesgibb (talk) 19:22, 9 January 2017 (UTC)