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Although I don't posses either the music or a recording, this piece must be "Quisquis requiem quaeris" - whose macaronic text combines "Latin verse sung in beautiful Flemish Renaissance polyphony with some drunken chants in German glorifying wife beating":

Quis quis requiem quaeris feminam cave,
perpetuum pistrinum litium ac laborum.
Raro namque sub eodem tecto habitant quies et mulier.
(Bassus I):
Buff in sie, schmeiss in sie,
klopf in sie, stich in sie,
hau in sie, knoll in sie,
wirf in sie, keil in sie,
tritt in sie, buff in sie!
(Bassus II):
Mala herba!


Whoever wants a quiet life must be wary of a woman,
a treadmill of strive and toil.
For rarely do peace and woman live under the same roof.
(Bass I):
Biff her, throw her around,
beat her, knock her about,
push her around, whip her,
punch her, hurl her,
thrash her, kick her!
(Bass II):
What an evil weed!

It has been recorded on Humori by Les Voix Baroques, and on Stadtpfeiffer: Music of Renaissance Germany by Piffaro, The Renaissnce Band. "The two bass voices of Quisquis requiem quaeris are comic, stuttering repetitions of a single note (or two-note gesture)." Also, a version of Quis quis requiem quaeris has been published in "The Chester Books Of Madrigals 7: Warfare".

-- Chucktalk Giffen 15:28, 7 July 2009 (UTC)