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Shouldn't the texted settings (ie. hymns) Love divine, all loves excelling and Holy Father, God almighty be on separate hymn pages and not on this hymn tune/setting page? -- Chucktalk Giffen 08:58, 5 December 2007 (PST)

What to do with these Hymn pages

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for your attention to the meter categories on the recently added Stainer hymns. I appreciate your help. I was going to enter rest of Stainer hymns and call it quits for a while. I think we have enough Hymns entered to demonstrate our standard scheme for Hymns on CPDL. ( I'm going to finish the Brahms Liebeslieder ! )

To answer your question my hymn "works" pages will probably have to be split into three individual pages:

    1. A Hymn tune page (Hymn-Tune-name(composer/source-of-tune)
    2. A Hymn arrangement page (Titled as originally entered: Hymn-Tune-name(composer/arranger)
    3. A Hymn page (Titled with Incipit-of-lyric(composer/arranger))

The "original lyrics" in the current page will end up in only page 3. above
The PDF/MIDI/Source file pointers (pdf/source with lyrics) will end up in 3. above
Any interesting info about lyrics should go in 3. above.

The source with lyrics will be modified to strip out the lyrics, and then pointed to in 2. above.
The NWC file already is like this, the Sibelius file will be easy to modify to strip out lyrics.

A lilypond file will need to be created for 1. above
A unison MIDI file should be created for 1. above, since you can't play the lilypond quotation
A pointer to 2. and 3. from 1. should be added.

Now I'm not sure about all the above, so feel free to suggest changes and/or additions.

Johnhenryfowler 12:35, 5 December 2007 (PST)

That makes sense to me according to what we've agreed so far. However, there should be 2 score pages as there are 2 hymns here - "Holy Father, God almighty" and "Love divine all loves excelling". So 4 pages in total
  1. "Love Divine (John Stainer)" (tune page)
  2. "Love Divine (John Stainer)" (harmonisation page)
  3. "Holy Father, God almighty (John Stainer)"
  4. "Love divine all loves excelling" (hymn pages).
Unfortunately, we have yet to solve the problem of the tune page and harmonisation page having the same name. My suggestion was to name hymn tune pages just as "Hymn tune" without composer or source in the title but I believe that suggestion met some opposition.
If it's not too impertinent a question, may I ask why you didn't create separate pages in the first place? I thought that we had agreed on these basics before you added the score. In any case, hopefully we'll soon have a well defined policy on this so that there aren't any more misunderstandings. --Bobnotts talk 13:11, 5 December 2007 (PST)