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This is yet another frustrating example of works posted at CPDL that require the Scorch viewer. Yesterday, I had to download the latest version of Scorch to view some recently posted scores. Today, although I didn't have to download a new version to view Malcolm Dedman's score, I find two things very, very wrong:

  1. The view of the score afforded by Scorch is so small that it is impossible to read the score - and there seems to be no way to enlarge the view.
  2. There is no "Print" or "Download" option for the score; hence, without ones own personal copy of Sibelius, it is impossible to download, view, and print the score.

While both of these problems are severe, the second problem goes entirely against the CPDL policy of being able to print or download the scores. This is lamentable, because it is quite possible that Mr. Dedman's score is something that I might wish to use.

Edit: This malady also affects, for example, Kriegers Ahnung (Franz Schubert) (CPDL #11673). It seems to be a problem for scores which have been uploaded to CPDL, but not for those scores from the Sibelius music site (and other sites which implement Scorch on their web pages).

Chuck, I was never aware that one could view a Sibelius file with Scorch. I thought that Scorch would only work if the file had been coded into a web page like at Sibelius Music (as you suggest). I didn't know Scorch was intended to open Sibelius files so perhaps that's why you're having problems... it could be that I have no idea what I'm talking about of course! I think policy on CPDL should be that our definition of an "image" file must be an actual image, eg. GIF, or a PDF, or a Scorch/Finale Viewer file incorporated into a web page where plugins such as Scorch or Finale Viewer can be used easily to view and print the score. I agree that we can't accept files if there is no print option.
I've created PDF and MIDI files from the Sibelius 3 file of the Schubert song that you mentioned. Since the Sibelius file was uploaded to the CPDL server, I had no (moral) problem doing this. If the file was hosted externally, I'd try to get in touch first, of course. If there are any other "source file only" editions, I'm happy to make PDF and MIDI files for them - just leave a note on my talk page. --Bobnotts talk 11:53, 5 December 2008 (UTC)