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I added many works written by Holst for/or incorporating chorus, I have several and will typeset them over the next few years. DWalczak, 27-09-2007, 12:55 CST

Finally finished and added Christmas Day to the library here, I hope everyone might find it some use in the future. DWalczak, 24-10-2007, 23:34 CST

The Nunc Dimttis mentioned on the page was not published during his lifetime. It was edited and completed by his daughter Imogen so I believe it is not in the Public Domain. DWalczak, 24-10-2007, 23:41 CST

I will be touching up the edits on both Psalms and the Four Old English Carols in the coming months. DWalczakm 06-12-2007, 18:27 CST