Request:Quam olim Abrahae (Offertorium fugue from Requiem, K 626) (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

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Title: Quam olim Abrahae (Offertorium fugue from Requiem, K 626)

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Date of request: 2002-04-12

Requested by: Matt Scott

Additional notes: Apparently, this isn't that popular of a song, as the only recording of it that I can find is one by the Swingle Singers. The only sheet music of it I've found is comparing the first few measures of it to a song of the same name by J. F. Handel. No midis out there, either, for some reason.. Editor note: no, not that popular at all. It's only from the most famous piece of sacred music that he ever wrote :-)

Status: Completed

Date completed: 1999-12-16

Volunteer: Paco Marmol

Edition notes: Co-editor: Manolo Casaus

Location of requested score: Requiem,_KV_626_(Wolfgang_Amadeus_Mozart)