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Quem vidistis, pastores is the third responsory at Matins for Christmas Day. Many motet settings go only as far as the first Respond.

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Text and translations

Text variants are enclosed between square brackets.

Latin.png Latin text

Quem vidistis, pastores, dicite,
annuntiate nobis, in terris quis apparuit?
[Christum salvatorem de Virgine]
R. Natum vidimus et choros angelorum
collaudantes Dominum, Alleluia.

[Mariam et Joseph vidimus,
in terra stratos supplices
et ratum carum pariter adorantes humiliter,
gratia Deo, qui dedit nobis victoriam
per Jesum Christum, salvatorem nostrum.]

Dicite, quidnam vidistis?
et annuntiate Christi nativitatem.
R. Natum vidimus…

[Quia puer natus est nobis
et filius datus est nobis
cujus imperium super humerum ejus
et vocabitur nomen ejus
magni consilii Angelus]

English.png English translation

Whom did you see, shepherds, say,
tell us: who has appeared on earth?
[Christ the savior, from the Virgin]
the new-born we saw and choirs of angels
praising the Lord, alleluia!

[We see Mary and Joseph,
prostrate suppliants upon the earth
and in humble adoration:
thanks be to God, who delivered to us victory
through Jesus Christ, our savior.]

Say, what did you see?
And tell us of Christ's nativity.


[For a child is born to us,
and a son is given to us,
and the government is upon his shoulder:
and his name shall be called
angel of wondrous counsel.]

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