Pomponio Nenna

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Born: baptized 13 June 1556

Died: 25 July 1608 (?)

Biography The dedication to Nenna's memory of Il primo libro de [21] madrigali, 4vv (Naples, 1613) has been taken as a suggestion he had only recently died.

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List of choral works

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  • Il primo libro de [20] madrigali, 5vv (Venice, 1582)
  • Il quarto libro de [20] madrigali, 5vv (Venice, 2/1609) [1st edn. lost]
  • Il quinto libro de’ [20] madrigali, 5vv (Naples, 1603)
  • Il sesto libro de [19] madrigali, 5vv (Naples, 1607)
  • Il settimo libro de madrigali à cinque voci, 1608
  • Il primo libro de [21] madrigali, 4vv (Naples, 1613, inc., repr. 1621 with bc)
  • L'ottavo libro de madrigali a cinque voci, 1618
  • Responsorii di Natale e di Settimana Santa, 4vv (Naples, 1607, inc., repr. 1622 with bc)
  • Sacrae Hebdomadae responsoria, 5vv, bc (Rome, 1622)

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