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The Music Publications page is to be obtained from the main page of CPDL under the heading Browse ChoralWiki.

  1. Check if the music publcation you wish to add really doesn't exist already, perhaps with a different spelling.
  2. Music publication pages may have very different looks, depending on the type of publication, so there is no simple template. Rather look for an existing publication that is similar to the style you wish to use, switch to the edit mode and copy the entire code to the clipboard (shortcut is Ctrl-C in Windows).
  3. In the search box on the top-right side of the page (the position may be different depending on the MediaWiki skin you selected - this is the position for the current default skin, named "vector"), type your publication name and hit "Enter" or click the symbol at the right end of the search text box. Please make sure that you spell the publication name correctly including any accents or other special characters, also with the correct capitalisation.
  4. In the page that will appear you will perhaps see some search results if some text on the wiki contains the string you want to use for the publication. But if the publication really doesn't exist already you will see the text
    Create the page ":Your Publication" on this wiki! ...
  5. Click on the red link with the name of your publication to open a new page which should have your publication as the title.
  6. Click anywhere in the large edit window, and then (type Ctrl-V to) paste the text that you copied from the template above.
  7. Edit the copied model according to your needs. Be sure not to delete the string [[Category:Music publications]] at the bottom, as only this guarantees that your publication will appear on the page for music publications.
  8. Click on the "Show preview" button to see what your page will look like. Fix any typos, click "Show preview" again and repeat as necessary until you are happy. If the page doesn't appear as you expected and you can't work out why, simply move the cursor to the bottom of the window and type {{Cleanup|Your problem here}} where the text "Your problem here" is the actual problem. Someone will come along and sort out the page.
  9. When you have finished, you may type an appropriate edit summary in the box (but if you don't an appropriate text will be created automatically), then click "Save page" to add your publication to CPDL Wiki!
  10. From the main page select again the "Music publications". Check that your publication is listed there and click on your publication's name to go to the new publication page you just added.