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As of today, 10th May 2013, Choral Public Domain Library has surpassed the 16,000 milestone in the number of Score pages here at ChoralWiki. To put this in perspective, the 8,000 mark was achieved by 31st July 2006, and the 12,000 mark by 29th September 2010. It has been just 5 months since the count stood at 15,000, and by this year's end, the count should easily surpass 17,000.

Nearly 11,000 score pages are categorized as Sacred music, and somewhat over 5,000 pages are categorized as Secular music. For a breakdown by musical era, as of today CPDL has:

  • 617 Medieval works
  • 6431 Renaissance works
  • 1841 Baroque works
  • 1068 Classical works
  • 2764 Romantic works
  • 610 Early 20th century works
  • 2579 Modern works

This breakdown isn't all that surprising, except possibly for the rather large number of Modern era works, most of them kindly made available for free download by living composers. As always, thanks are due to our many contributors.

Charles H. Giffen
President, Choral Public Domain Library
Manager, ChoralWiki