Arise, my tenderest thoughts, arise

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General information

This is an hymn by Philip Doddridge, published posthumously in 1755. It is entitled Beholding Transgressors with Grief, based on Psalm 119:136, 158. Meter is 88. 88 (L.M.).

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English.png English text

1. Arise, my tenderest thoughts, arise,
To torrents melt my streaming eyes;
And thou, my heart, with anguish feel
Those evils which thou canst not heal.

2. See human nature sunk in shame;
See scandals poured on Jesus' name;
The Father wounded through the Son,
The world abused, the soul undone.


3. See the short course of vain delight
Closing in everlasting night;
In flames, that no abatement know,
Though briny tears forever flow.

4. My God, I feel the mournful scene;
My bowels yearn over dying men;
And fain my pity would reclaim
And snatch the fire-brands from the flame.


5. But feeble my compassion proves;
And can but weep, where most it loves;
Thy own all-saving arm employ,
And turn these drops of grief to joy.

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